Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well, yeah…

As the media keeps telling us ad nauseam: now that the Republicans are temporarily weakened by their own corruption and malfeasance, it's a known fact that the entire country wants to stop the partisan bickering and let bygones be bygones.
…and I hate that, but my real problem is that Barack's made the same line a cornerstone of his platform. We must demand more of our nominee, both for national progress and for his or her own protection.

There's a lot of talk about the minefield the Republicans have laid for the new Democratic President we'll be electing next fall. The route to successfully navigating those hazards will be along a direct and proudly partisan path. Every compromise, every misbegotten attempt to dilute our ideals in search of some
mythical middle ground that turns out to be everything the Repulicans wanted in the first place, will be spun as failure by the GOP noise machine, and the sad thing is that they won't be wrong, though they'll be right for all the wrong reasons.

If failure on a particular program or policy is the outcome, as sometimes it doubtless will be, let it be a failure in pursuit of our platform, not theirs.

The time for proud partisanship hasn't passed. It hasn't even peaked.

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