Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A victory for veterans.

News from the Speaker's blog. The House has passed H.R. 3793, which affirms that a discharge due to combat injuries is payment in full of a G.I.'s enlistment obligation.

According to Department of Defense rules, enlistees cannot receive their full enlistment bonus unless they fulfill their entire military obligation. Unfortunately, members of the armed services who are wounded while on active duty are not receiving their full bonuses because their service was prematurely cut short. The Veterans Guaranteed Bonus Act, H.R. 3793, will correct this problem by requiring the Department of Defense to provide veterans who have been discharged due to combat-related wounds with full payment of remaining bonuses within 30 days of discharge.

Thanks and congrats to the House, to the prime sponsor, Rep. Jason Altmire,D-PA, and to my own personal Congressman, who is listed as a co-sponsor of the legislation.

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