Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm inclined, I'm afraid…

…to agree. Jerome Armstrong...
For Democrats that think about how a campaign might position itself best to win, the question really comes down to this: Do you believe that this nation is going to transcend partisan politics in 2008?

If you believe that's true, and are willing to bet that personality-based politics can rise above partisan-politics, then you are probably betting on Obama's campaign strategy. If you think like me, that a campaign having it's partisan-base in order is the number one priority, than you are in alliance with the campaign strategies of Edwards and Clinton. It's really a question of weather the Democrats are going into battle in 2008 as Obama's personality movement or as a progressive partisan movement.
For me, it's less a matter of the Presidential race itself. Obama's certainly on my list of electables. I'm concerned, though, whether his personal radiance will cast enough light down the ticket.

More than concerned, I guess. Doubtful.

I'm not sure if Senator Clinton offers much more illumination, though.

Happily, we have an alternative.

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