Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm atop a ridge…

…in the heart of the Puget Sound convergence zone, so the weather here at Upper Left world headquarters isn't always typical of the region, but right now we're piling up some white Xmas in the yard, and a bit on the street to boot. Happily, we're not moving from this spot until the a.m., but travel for the company we're expecting may get a bit dicey. Not too, though, I hope.

While I wait for the arrival of friends and relations, I've got the plunder so far to keep me busy. A couple DVDs - Spiderman 3 and A Prairie Home Companion - and a bunch of books - Colbert's "I Am America (And So Can You)", the Onion atlas, "Our Dumb World" and a massive history of the U.S. Army - and a new sweater to keep me warm while I watch, read and munch on the feast of goodies laid out by the Brilliant and Beautiful Bride of Upper Left.

Doesn't get much better. Hope your day is going nearly as well.

Update: The snow put a beautiful blanket on the evergreens and a perfect frosting on the bare branches of everything else for the arrival of our dinner company, and then had the good form to revert to rain and clear the streets for safe travel before their departure. How good can it get?

Well, even better from the plunder standpoint. Another book - Glenn Greenwald's "How Would A Patriot Act?" and a new oversized Starbucks mug. I actually prefer Tully's' beans (got some of that, too) but Starbucks always has the best mugs, and the Elder Daughter of Upper Left and her Perpetually Pleasing Partner never disappoint with their annual selection.

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