Friday, December 14, 2007


Attorney general won't share destroyed tape info
Here we go again. John Kerry used to get a good response to his promise that he'd appoint an Attorney General whose name wasn't John Ashcroft. Turns out the problem isn't the name, it's the namer. Speaking of whom...
Roaming, thieving monkeys sought in roundup
No relation, I'm sure.

Congress authorizes war funds and sends bill to Bush
A drag, sure, but let's face it - he was going to keep his damn war going if it meant emptying the Pentagon and having a yard sale for the office furniture. The people who would get hurt in the short run aren't in Congress. In the long run the Bush program to dismantle the military establishment in favor of an all-mercenary force would be abetted. I don't like it, but I get it.
House votes to outlaw CIA waterboarding
Thus making it illegal to act unlawfully. It's really come to this, hasn't it?
Men carry breast cancer genes, too
As usual, it's all about us. Can the baby-blue ribbons be far behind?

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