Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Worth repeating.

A reminder from the DNC blog
Just how close are Libby and Thompson? Take a look at Libby's legal defense trust website, which features a biography of the former Senator. On the website, we learn that he worked with Libby to raise millions and millions of dollars for the legal defense fund. He's also "among 27 prominent Republicans and Bush Administration supporters on the advisory committee." During the Libby trial, Thompson sat in the public gallery with Libby's public relations person.
He's already promised a pardon, though he hasn't announced his campaign.

It's likely that a chance to pardon Libby may be a primary motivator for his Presidential ambitions. His interest certainly seems to have grown as Libby's conviction became increasingly inevitable.

Amnesty for felons. Heckuva platform, Freddie.


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