Thursday, June 28, 2007

Known knowns.

On a blogger conference call with Speaker Pelosi this morning, John Aravosis expressed concern that a Democratic Congress seemed poised to pass the Goode amendment to the DC appropriations bill (aka the Samuel David Cheney gay-bashing amendment). The Speaker wasn't familiar with the particulars of the amendment, but pointed out Democratic successes in areas like securing LGBT folks protection under the federal hate crime statute. She also expressed confidence that the offending amendment, if passed, would be stripped from the bill in conference. One thing she knew she knew, though, was this…
"I know I don't support it if Virgil Goode is sponsoring it."
Good call.

Sadly, the amendment did pass, 224-200, with 40 Democratic votes providing the margin of victory. I join John in wishing Harry and Nancy every success in conference

More on the conference call to come.



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