Monday, October 09, 2006

They just lie.

Ken Mehlman made a swing through town to raise some bucks for local Republicans, including Reichert and McGavick, and to tell some lies to David Postman. For instance...
The big story of the week obviously is the fallout and investigations related to former Congressman Mark Foley's inappropriate messages to Congressional pages.

Mehlman said he thinks House Speaker Dennis Hastert has done a good job handling the scandal. He said that Hastert and House leaders confronted Foley and "offered the political equivalent of the death penalty. They said, "You're out of here or we're going to make you out of here."
Of course, they said no such thing. The facts...

As ABC producer Maddy Sauer has described, Foley decided to resign not after an ultimatum from Speaker Hastert, but after ABC called his office on Friday morning and read Foley staffers the instant messages they had obtained. According to Sauer, Foley’s office called ABC an hour later and said the congressman would be resigning.

Speaker Hastert himself acknowledged that he had no role in Foley’s resignation in his first statement on the issue on Monday:

When [the instant messages] were released, Congressman Foley resigned. And I’m glad he did. If he had not, I would have demanded his expusion from the House of Representatives.
Or maybe Mehlman is just admitting that Hastert is a liar, too.


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