Sunday, October 22, 2006

Savaged endorsement

The Seattle Times endorsed another pro-repeal-the-estate-tax candidate today. Dan Savage nails the Times editorial board...
Blethen wants his estate tax cut and if it wasn’t clear before it sure is clear now: Frank’s employees on the edit board would endorse Jeffrey Dahmer on his orders if Dahmer promised to vote Frank’s way on the estate tax issue.

So this morning I’m just left wondering this: How do Joni Balter and James Vesely sleep at night?
Indeed...Joni Balter is a strong proponent of women's reproductive rights. She cannot be happy about this endorsement, but she is seriously outnumbered on the Editorial Board by Blethens.

The Blethens' obsession with death and taxes has its price; N in Seattle shows one way this is so.

Update: I was so taken by Dan Savage's post that I neglected to scroll down to Josh Feit's damning demonstration of the blatant hypocrisy behind the Times endorsement.


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