Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Republican's final target list includes Darcy and Peter

Via Postman:
The Hill has gotten a copy of the the National Republican Congressional Committee's "Final Push List" of the races that are most in need of last-minute money.

Two of Washington's three GOP House members are on the list, Dave Reichert in the 8th District and Cathy McMorris in the 5th.
The NRCC is focusing on driving contributions to the 33 candidates on the list. From The Hill:

In an e-mail to congressional officials, NRCC PAC Director Jenny Sheffield states, “…it’s crucial at this point to send in some late money to some [of] our campaigns. The funds our candidates receive now will allow them to increase their TV buys and will make the difference on Nov. 7.

“I have attached our Final Push list for those Members and candidates most in need of support right now. If your boss has not maxed out to those on the attached list, please ask him or her to consider sending a check from a leadership PAC and/or reelection account … IMMEDIATELY!”

Republicans have also sent the list to lobbyists, seeking donations.

The good news is that both Darcy Burner and Peter Goldmark are running highly competitive campaigns--they are clearly seen as top threats by the Republicans. It means that the Republicans believe that Darcy and Peter can win.

The bad news is that the Republicans are going to dump bucket-loads of additional cash into these races.

Of course, by targeting these 33 races (29 races with a Republican incumbent), the Republicans are abandoning other seats that, a year ago, were considered safe for the Republican incumbent. We shouldn't settle for simple satisfaction. We shouldn't settle for "fallen hero" status for Darcy Burner and Peter Goldmark. We need them in Washington, D.C. helping to put America back on track.

We need to fight back!

The solution is obvious...but it takes some sacrifice and effort. If you can, please kick in just a little more for these worthy candidates. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family and ask them to contribute as well. If you have some time, consider volunteering for Darcy or Peter.

Remember, in a very close race, your extra 2% effort may make the difference between winning and losing.


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