Friday, June 30, 2006

Marching orders…

...from the Galactic Council of the blogosphere for the closing hours of Q2. I couldn't agree more. Does that make me a tool? Fine, I'm a tool. Just follow the 'leader'...
...$5 or $10 by its lonesome self means little. But in a people-powered movement, those small donations add up and they do so quickly.

And once a candidate can show broad support, he or she can do two things: 1) prove to the big money donors, labor unions, and PACs that the candidacy is viable and worthy of higher level support, and 2) build a list for future activism and fundraising. Richard Morrison in 2004 took the $80K we raised for him directly and turned that in $480K by the end of the campaign.

Yeah, that means if you donate that they'll hit you up for money again. But here's the beauty of people-power -- would you rather they be working their butts off to inspire you into giving more money, or would you rather they be talking to corporate donors to get them to open up?

We have a big money political system. It may not be ideal, but we're stuck with it for the time being. So the questions becomes, who do you want the candidates and politicians to become responsive to? There are two options -- corporate interests or people. That $5 contribution goes a long way to helping politicians shake off the corrosive and undue influence of corporate interests.

So at least one candidate, even if it's just $5. Not everyone can give a lot of money, not everyone can donate time. But everyone can give $5.

That contribution will never have as much impact to a campaign than today.

The Upper Left Act Blue page is conveniently located right here. Live large, spread around a twenty.


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