Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Without comment…

…on his qualifications or prospects in the State Senate primary, this is the kind of news I'd like to see more of...
OLYMPIA — Two-term Republican Rep. Rodney Tom of Bellevue says he is quitting the Republican Party to run for the state Senate as a Democrat. Tom will challenge incumbent Sen. Luke Esser, R-Bellevue.

"I realized the far right has complete control of the party and for me to be effective for my constituents I need to be a Democrat," Tom said today.
Of course...
There is already a Democrat in the race against Esser. Debi Golden of Bellevue, who narrowly lost a race against Tom in 2004, announced her candidacy in January.
…and there's some strong opinion about that. Still, a big step forward for suburban Democrats.


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