Friday, December 30, 2005

Just about everything…

…that makes me doubt Mark Warner as a potential Democratic nominee is wrapped up in this from Ronald Brownstein.
As Warner begins traveling the country, he is laying claim to a clear brand: the red state savior. Warner presents himself as the candidate whose message of fiscal discipline and social moderation can win back some of the culturally conservative states where Bush romped twice
I guess that's what the Deaners mean by 'Republican-lite.' I just call it Clintonism. Do we really need to revert to the strategy of being a little more like them in the hope that they'll like us more? Or should we be about building a lasting Democratic majority by staking our own ground and giving people good reason to move to our standard?

And speaking of Clintonism, Bob Geiger sums up my doubts about the other Clinton, as well.
...she remains silent and, despite the power and attention she could command, lets other Democrats carry the load in fighting the good fight.

I will vote for her in November but, until she starts acting more like a leader and less like political wallpaper, she will remain a disappointment and, even worse in our time of national distress, wholly irrelevant.
If she's this timid in pursuit of a near certain Senate reelection, why is she even a subject of Presidential speculation? Which core Democratic issue or constituency does she champion? "Wholly irrelevant" may seem like a harsh judgment, but if you're looking to Hillary for leadership, it's wholly accurate.

But she's got Warner to keep her company, at least...


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