Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Freedom on the march…

in Basra.
Physicians have been beaten for treating female patients. Liquor salesmen have been killed. Even barbers have faced threats for giving haircuts judged too short or too fashionable. Religion rules the streets of this once cosmopolitan city, where women no longer dare go out uncovered.

"The militias are more powerful than the police," said Saba Shedar, a goldsmith. The man who brings home a bottle of liquor or the woman without a veil both risk beatings, he said. Merchants who kept their shops open well into the night now close at sunset out of fear...."

"The militiamen carry out political assassinations and dole out punishment for alleged religious infractions, residents say.

..."During Saddam, we had the secret police. Now it's coming again. If you say something bad, they shoot you in the night." …
Meet the new boss...


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