Sunday, February 20, 2005


I've had a few.

Of all the campaigns I've had a hand in over the years, one of the most disappointing results was Jerry Brown's loss of the 1992 Democratic nomination. I continue to believe that Brown would have won the November contest with a genuinely progressive message that would have made the Party stronger, retained the Congress and...well, let's just say I still wish Jerry Brown had become President.

He's remained visible in a variety of ways over the last decade, the most recent example until now in his role as Mayor of Oakland, Ca. Now he's entered a new arena, with his own blog. It's hardly surprising, really. In fact, if there's a surprise, it's that it took him so long. Brown has always been something of a technophile, from his early proposal for a sattelite-based communications system for California to the 1992 campaign's exploitiation of now common but then innovative things like email and toll free telephone.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to reading the Mayor's thoughts. After all, any Mayor who includes the idea that "the bar scene is coming alive" as exemplary of his success is OK in my book.


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