Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mitt Happens

I’ve been bothering you with tales of our less-than-esteemed Massachusetts governor because, faced with a choice of running for re-election or for president in 2008, Mittens seems to be leaning towards the latter. Which makes him a potentially national figure. I consider it part of my mission to torpedo his hopes.

His re-election prospects are pretty grim, largely because he’s spent a large part of his first term traveling around the country campaigning for the Shrub. We Bay Staters always reserve the right to criticize our own, but Mitt’s constant sniping at Kerry has sunk him here. Not to mention what his pretzel-like positioning on stem cell research and gay marriage have done.

Any post written by Pookastew on the Boston-based is well worth your time. This one concerns itself with Mitt Romney and - ooooooh - big bad gay marriage.
    ...Governor Romney weighed in on the gay marriage issue, suggesting that civil liberties guaranteed under the state constitution should instead go up for a popular vote.

    Now, having amassed a war chest worthy of a 2008 presidential candidate, the governor has decided to give interviews in the national press opposing stem cell research.

    All of which leads us to wonder: what ever happened to that "rolodex" Mr. Romney claimed he'd use to bring jobs to Massachusetts?

    You remember Massachusetts, don't you? The place with all the biotech companies and universities staffed by people who vacation in Provincetown?
Provincetown = town at the very furthermost tip of Cape Cod, known for its great atmosphere and large number of gay residents. See what I mean? You don't want to hire this man.


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