Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And now a word from the Upper...umm...right?

I'd like to take this opportunity to give you upper lefters an update on the Mitt "Empty Suit" Romney situation and introduce you to some of the best Boston bloggers.

First is The Chimes at Midnight, which is no fan of the gov. Please do not miss this post if you're interested in the unvarnished truth on how Mittens is looking these days to the large majority of denizens of the Commonwealth.
    Under the “other skills” section of his resume, do you suppose Mitt Romney lists “brazen toady”?

    His speech to the Spartanburg County SC GOP was incomparably worse than anyone could imagine, full of groveling and shameless ass-licking of the lowest variety.


    From the looks of his speech monday, Decaf is quite literally running against the Commonwealth itself next year. The Viceroy is always at his best when he is being insufferably haughty and derisive, his hatred of Massachusetts and his compulsive need to brown nose out of state wowsers could not be clearer. Of course, his audience ate it up, indeed there nothing more entertaining for republicans that are drunk on triumphalism to watch a grown man grovel like a well whipped dog.
He sure ain't running for Mr. Popularity these days. At least in Massachusetts. But he's leading the pack in the world class suck-up competition.


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