Friday, February 18, 2005

Among the stories...

...that have failed to spike my outrage meter, the whole Gannongate affair is one that seems to have spiked damn near every one elses. As a citizen blogger whose only education for the task is experience, it's hard for me to get excited about Gannon/Guckert's similar lack of journalistic background. As a devoted partisan, I can't really get on him for his similarly devoted partisanship. As someone who has personal objections to neither homosexuality nor prostitution, his previous (?) employment is of little concern to me.

Still, it is the White House press room we're talking about, with all the relevant security considerations, and there is the matter of the classified memos related to the Plame situation, and...

Well, rather than going to far down this path, let me point you to Byron LaMasters at Burnt Orange Report, who has a handy summary of the story to date and a set of questions and conclusions that pretty fairly mirror what I'd write if I wrote more.

Reserving, of course, the right to revise and extend my remarks as developments develop...


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