Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wish I'd written that...

The Aggressive Progressive scores the Rant of the Day...
Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Reality-Based (and isn't that pretty damn arrogant?): while we fight tooth and nail with people who agree with us 85 percent of the time, the bad guys are winning. By that I mean: people are dying on the streets of Baghdad, and let's be frank, they don't give a f*ck about NAFTA. Somewhere in the county you live, a child will go to sleep tonight hungry (far, far too many of them) and they could(n't care)less if the Tooth Fairy is the next chair of the Democratic National Committee, but they could really use a hot meal. There's an unemployed steelworker who just found out he's being laid off from his crappy McJob at Wal-Mart who is way less worried about tort reform then how the hell he is going to pay his rent.

If you think the current Republican regime is evil, does it matter whether you think Howard Dean is a saint or a jerk? Does it matter what you think about Joe Lieberman? Neither of them are the bad guy, but once again, we're ready to kick the hell out of each other. Regardless of what you think, both guys are on our side, they're both good guys in the big picture.

So here's some advice: knock it off.
There's more. Go read.


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