Monday, December 20, 2004

Victory via repetition...

...has been the operating principle of the wingnut echo chamber. Make up a story, any story, and repeat it ad infinitum in every outlet available, and it will eventually become 'true.' And dammit, it works.

Which is why I feel no qualm about doing my small part in replicating the tactic by quoting Dr. Atrios' full quote from Bob Herbert's latest. Of course, in this case, our side has the modest advantage of starting with the truth to begin with...
From the earliest planning stages until now, the war in Iraq has been a tragic exercise in official incompetence. The original rationale for the war was wrong. The intelligence was wrong. The estimates of required troop strength were wrong. The war hawks' guesses about the response of the Iraqi people were wrong. The cost estimates were wrong, and on and on.

Nevertheless the troops have fought valiantly, and the price paid by many has been horrific. They all deserve better than the bad faith and shoddy treatment they are receiving from the highest officials of their government.
And while I'm at it, I may as well mention that there is no crisis. They just want to destroy Social Security.


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