Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Do Something

A lot of us spend a lot of time wondering when somebody is going to do something about any number of things that concern us. I plead an absolute 'mea culpa' on that score. The appropriate response, of course, when are we going to do something about it?

Of course, that supposes that we know what to do, and we can all use a little help with that. Which brings me to So What Can I Do, a blog created by Karama Neal with the premise that "People are blessed with the ability to change their environments and situations to suit their liking."

Yes, they are. And Karama shows you some constructive, progressive ways how. It's worth a look. And after you look, do something.

(By the way, I stumbled across So What Can I Do while surfing BlogExplosion. If you're a blogger looking for a little more traffic, it's a handy site, but even if you're just a reader, it's a neat place to get a feel for the breadth of the blogosphere and find some good stuff.)


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