Saturday, December 18, 2004

All they want for Xmas...

If only those Iraqis truly understood the glories of American consumerism, they'd put away those Kalishnikovs and run to the streets laden with flowers for our troops, don't you figure?

So what could be more appropriate than including an Iraqi family or two on your holiday shopping list? But what to get them? Riverbend offers some modest suggestions at Baghdad Burning...
1. 20 liters of gasoline
2. A cylinder of gas for cooking
3. Kerosene for the heaters
4. Those expensive blast-proof windows
5. Landmine detectors
6. Running water
7. Thuraya satellite phones (the mobile phone services are really, really bad of late)
8. Portable diesel generators (for the whole family to enjoy!)
9. Coleman rechargeable flashlight with extra batteries (you can never go wrong with a fancy flashlight)
10. Scented candles (it shows you care- but you're also practical)
And remember, no war toys!


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