Sunday, October 31, 2004

Aw, c'mon!

Hard as it may be to believe, there's still a few folks out there who haven't heard that panic is passe. Steve Gilliardoffers sage advice to one such...
It's not over, so curling up into a ball is silly. You can still do something to prevent what you fear. Volunteer for ACT or Kerry or the DNC. Do something besides worry and you'll at least know you did your part to prevent Bush from winning. Just printing up and handing our Move On Voter Protection Cards on your own may help people. Take $10, go to Staples, and run some off. Then just hand them out near a couple of polling places. You are not powerless and this is NOT over.

If you do nothing, you help Bush win. And your fears may well come true. But if you act, what you want may well happen.
When anxiety strikes, take Steve's advice.

Or use Zephyr's tips.

Or get in on Party For America's phone bank action.

Or just walk next door and ask you neighbor "If you screwed up your job as bad as Bush has screwed up his job, wouldn't you get fired?" and offer them a ride to the polls Tuesday.

Just do something. Because if we all do something, we'll get this thing done.


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