Monday, August 30, 2004

Yeah for our guy!

WA-8 gets some attention at, and Upper Left's primary pick shines in a report that outlines his recent endorsements from the King County Journal and the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

The Journal has a pretty conservative slant as a rule, but its influence in the heart of the 8th CD is undeniable, so their nod is a definite leg up for Alben over perennial candidate Heidi Behrens-Benedict and radio talker Dave Ross. One comment from the Journal, in fact, could be read as an indirect slap at Ross, who'd shown no particular interest in electoral politics before he was recruited by State Party Chair Paul Berendt as a late entry to the race.
Alex Alben, who retired at age 45 from RealNetworks, has spent considerable time researching and understanding the complex issues that confront the district.
As opposed to Ross, who wouldn't give up his radio job until a filing deadline forced his hand, and whose principle interest has been the ratings book rather than eastside issues.

The PI seems to love our guy.
Alben brings passion, intellectual firepower and the fresh perspective of a former high-tech executive. He has the potential to be a pragmatic but distinctly Democratic representative who would suit the district well.
That pretty well sums up the Upper Left endorsement rationale, too. While I might prefer a liberal firebrand in a perfect world, Alben fits the 8th, and can win in the 8th.

And a question for Chairman Berendt - does your job description really include providing usefull pull quotes for Republican ad campaigns?


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