Friday, August 20, 2004

A sobering concept...

Looks like I'll be keeping the Republican convention off the TV screen at the saloon that provides the Day Job of Upper Left, just in case the regulars get wind of this.

Roger Ailes suggests a RNC "drinking" game that probably merits an AA seal of approval:

Take one drink each time you see one of the following folks on the G.O.P. Convention stage:

Colin Powell

Doctor Condoleezza Rice

Reverend John Ashcroft

John Snow

Donald Rumsfeld

Paul Wolfowitz

Richard Perle

Senator Trent Lott

General Tommy Franks

General Antonio M. Taguba

Paul Bremer

Reverend Jerry Falwell

Reverend "Pat" Robertson

Lt. Crmnl. Oliver North

Ambassador Alan Keyes

Grover Norquist

Nancy Reagan

Former Waterbury, Conn. mayor Joseph Giordano

An openly gay man

Anyone who served with George Bush during the Vietnam War

Any of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Anyone who benefited from the Bush economy who doesn't have personal ties to Bush or the Republican Party elite


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