Saturday, August 21, 2004

Sinking Swifter

As the Swift Boat Liars for Bush get ready to run another round of fallacious advertising, more holes are appearing in the hull of the dingy they're riding to infamy.

Atrios has the story (and Kos has the graphic evidence) that ties the Swifty scoundrels to Republican Party and BC04 committees in Florida. Meanwhile, Digby serves up the goods on Ken Cordier, who shows up in the new ad while serving as a member of the steering committee for Veterans For Bush-Cheney '04. Generous soul that he is, Digby offers the beneit of the doubt, noting that...
...I'm certain this fine gentleman who has chosen to sell out his good name and reputation by joining a filthy smear operaton like Scumbag Liars For Bush would never coordinate with the campaign just because he also served as one of the Vice-Chairs For Veterans For Bush-Cheney National Coalition in the 2000 camapign and then was named to Bush's VA-POW advisory committee.
Right. Certain.


Elsewhere, while The Nation offers new evidence supporting Kerry's case in the circumstances surrounding his Bronze Star with 'V' for Valor and Pacific Views points to a Portland Oregonian story that undermines the credibility of yet another Swift Boat bozo.
In the ad, Oregon Vietnam vet Alfred French says: 'I served with John Kerry. . . . He is lying about his record.' But it turns out that French didn't actually witness the events that led to Kerry's receiving some of his military decorations. Instead, French relied on the accounts of three other vets when deciding whether Kerry has been telling the truth.
Maybe French was just confused. What he must have meant was "...I'm lying about his record."

I'm a firm believer in fighting back, but these guys are making it almost too easy.

Almost. But not quite.

They're down. Keep kicking.

And don't panic.


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