Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Light at the end of the tunnel?

via Norbizness...
"The Moqtada militia is militarily defeated. We have killed scores of them over the last few weeks, and that is in Najaf alone," Brigadier General Mark Hertling, one of the top US commanders in charge of Najaf, told AFP. "Over the past several days, Moqtada's militia has lost much of their stomach for fighting," he said... "We have also destroyed their weapons stores and their offensive capability," he said. "What remains of them, which is a very small force, will take advantage of the governor's announcement to disperse if not disband."

Whoops, that was late May - early June of this year.
(Attentive readers will note that this isn't my first lift from Norbizness today, though it's the first so credited. If you're not checking in there, you're missing out. Heck, I could lift the whole blog straight from there most every day. Best snark on the net. Absolutely. Go there. Enjoy!)


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