Monday, August 23, 2004

From the "other Washington..."

Last month it was my privilege to be featured in the 'virtual blog tour' at the DCCC's blog, The Stakeholder, and it's an equal if not greater honor to reciprocate with this guest shot (an Upper Left first!) from DCCC blogger extraordinaire Jesse Lee, who takes a look at an Upper Left Congressional race on the far side of my state, but near and dear to my heart...

WA-5: Ripe for the Picking

As a newcomer to Hill politics I’m being exposed to the “other side” of campaigning. Over the last few months I’ve come to see campaigns develop from the “testing the waters” stage to full-on top tier campaigns. One of those is Don Barbieri of WA-5. Don is an intimidating candidate: business and community leader, and family man. Don’s business skills and knowledge, acquired while running the family business for 25 years, rip to shreds bogus GOP claims to fiscal expertise (Barbieri was appointed by three Governors for the Economic Development Board). His history as a dedicated community participant demonstrates the values and common decency of Democratic ideals - standing in stark contrast with any Tom DeLay rubberstamps in training.

The unity and solidarity of the Democratic Party is evident in this race. While the GOP will not choose a candidate until September 14th, Don Barbieri stands as the Democratic nominee for this seat, having officially opened his candidacy on July 26th. His leadership as a youth in college and his commitment to the family business have earned him the respect of the community. His father founded WestCoast Hospitality Corp and upon retiring, Don took the company into a new, innovative direction. When he recently stepped down as President and CEO of the company, Don in turn left the company to his son, David. This is a man of the district, and you can see how effective his message is in his new ad .

Of such seats is a Democratic Majority made, and this is where we need people to get active in the opportunities in their area. Pay Barbieri a visit, spare a weekend if you can. Whereas the Presidential campaign deals in dollars and volunteers with numbers that boggle the mind, every last volunteer or dollar is significant in these races. WA-5 is ripe for the picking, but we need you to seal the deal.

Thanks, Shaun, for this opportunity.

Jesse Lee

Thank you, Jesse. They say the honor is to serve, which makes you one of the most honorable bloggers in the biz, and I heartily second everything you've said here.


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