Monday, August 23, 2004

Far be it from me... say I told you so, but Steve Soto at The Left Coaster adds a powerful data point to the Don't Panic file with this graph from

...and this excerpt from a post worth reading in full...
"...what we have here is an issue that is all hot air and no real electoral impact. It is in the GOP’s interest to keep this issue as hot as possible, but the truth is that after one week where the Swifties had the airways and the Mighty Wurlitzer all to themselves before the Kerry pushback, the best they could do was convince only one-fifth of those polled that Kerry didn’t deserve his medals, and these people already believed that Kerry was the anti-Christ anyway.

Remember this poll the next time you see a member of the Beltway media tell you how important this nonissue is to the campaign."
OK, I take it back.

I told you so.

Don't panic.


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