Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blog boast...

Yep, we're feeling pretty proud of ourselves here at Upper Left World Headquarters tonigh, having noticed that earlier this evening an Upper Lefty from Spokane logged in and pushed the page view meter to 40,000.

Fitting blogging into a mix that already includes a day job, political and community activism, free lance music journalism and some semblance of a family and social life isn't always easy, but knowing folks come here and come back makes it worth doing for me, and I hope it makes it worth tracking down for you.

And that's the other thing we're feeling pretty proud of around here - you!

An informal poll at ULWHQ is unanimous. Upper Left readers are morally and intellectually superior beings.

And the hardy few who contribute their hard earned to help keep the lights on around here? They are like unto the gods. And it's never too late to join our pantheon of dieties...just click here.


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