Friday, April 23, 2004

Sometimes it really is that simple...

Juan Cole offers a response to a series of rhetorical 'gotcha' questions about the Iraq war posed by Christopher Hitchens.

"My reply would be simple. If you are arguing for war, you don't have to ask all these fancy questions. There are really only two questions you have to answer. The first is, would you yourself be willing to die fighting for this cause you have espoused? The second is, would you be willing to see your 18-year-old son or daughter killed for this cause? (I do not ask if you would be glad or satisfied; I ask if you would be willing)."

It's really hard to believe that anyone involved in making the decision for war bothered to ask those questions, isn't it? Does anyone think George thought the twins might get a chance to serve the cause, for instance?

Professor Cole's questions should be printed, laminated and mounted at eye level on the desk of every and any person ever responsible for sending troops into harms way.


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