Friday, April 23, 2004


OK, I was a bad environmentalist and completely failed to mention, let alone come up with some penetrating observations to observe, Earth Day. Here's a little catchup, then, blatantly lifted from Whiskey Bar (and let me say that if you don't check in on billmon every day, you're missing some good stuff).

Phillips: “Are you saying this administration just doesn't care about air pollution?”

Buckheit: “Yes. I'm saying this administration has decided to put the economic interests of the coal fired power plants ahead of the public interests in reducing air pollution.”

Phillips: “That's a pretty serious allegation.”

Buckheit: “Well, I was the head of the air enforcement division up until a couple weeks ago and I watched it happen.”

Former EPA official Bruce Buckheit
Dateline NBC interview
April 20, 2004

Now, that was worth waiting for, wasn't it?

So, Happy Belated Earth Day.


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