Tuesday, April 27, 2004

If you don't know what FUBAR means...

...then I suppose it's a perfectly family-friendly acronym, and if you do, well, I can't do any more damage to your impressionable mind. And there's no doubt, Iraq is FUBAR.

Ian Welsh has a list of some reasons over at BOPnews. It's arguably incomplete, but certainly worth a review. It's a long post, but I recommend a thorough reading. Here are his sub-heads...

Unrealistic Expectations

Threatening Iran and Syria

The Immediate Post War Period

The Coalition Provisional Authority


Chalabi : To weak to rule, too corrupt to serve

Disbanding the Army and the Secret Police

Failing to control weapons and munitions stockpiles

Failure to Choose Effective Proxies

Failure to Rebuild

Securing the Borders

The Rhetoric and the Reality of Democracy

The Failure of Justice

Militias: The State Monopoly on Force

Israeli Occupation Tactics

The Sparks: Mishandling al-Sadr and the Fallujah Atrocity

In other words, FUBAR...


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