Friday, April 23, 2004

I really try to keep a 'family-friendly' tone around here...

...but stuff like this is hard to describe in family-friendly terms.

From the Washington Post (with my emphasis):

"But a group of Vietnam veterans, some of them partisans, portray him as an ambitious young officer who attempted to collect undeserved Purple Hearts for minor injuries and used those medals to cut short his tour."

Some?!? Can anyone name a single one of these anti-Kerry vets that hasn't been exposed as a Republican hack, plant and/or operative? They are all partisans. This is purely a matter of partisan politics, and it enrages me not because John Kerry can't handle it - he's faced down political slander more than once in his career and come out just fine - but because the the attacks demean my service and the service of all my brothers in arms and, well, I'm about to get family-unfriendly if I keep this up...

But jeebus, people. John Kerry didn't have to get wounded three times, regardless of severity, to get a short tour of Vietnam. He could have avoided the whole damn thing by not volunteering for Naval service, not volunteering for swift boat training and not volunteering for a Vietnam tour in the first place.

In fairness, I suppose it should be pointed out that not all of the anti-Kerry vets are purely partisan. Some of them are partisan profiteers, like Ted Sampley (you'll have to dig up the link on your own. It won't appear here.), whose site leads with a bold red headlined declaring

We need Your HELP to maintain this web site!
Purchase our Bumper Stickers, Decals, Pins, Hats. Click on the Sticker!

(Insert family-unfriendly expletive here. Use your imagination - make it a good one.)

(and speaking of profiteering, I don't have bumper stickers, decals, pins or hats, but I do have a PayPal account...just sayin'...)


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