Friday, March 26, 2004

Right Wing Boilerplate 24 - Anti-terrorism 0

That was the Bush scorecard in the months leading up to 9/11, according to Politus' review of the 24 Executive Orders the White House issued in the opening months of the Administration.

That's right. As Politus points out, "Even though he and his lackeys now claim they were consumed with UBL and counterterrorism was a top priority to them, there is not a peep of any of that in any of the documents Bush signed to set the direction and functioning of his government. And then?

September 11.

Suddenly, in a spectacular "Oops," Bush signed a plethora of executive orders related to terrorism, including calling up the ready reserves, seizing terrorist assets and financing, establishing the office of Homeland Security, establishing policies on critical infrastructure protection and citizen preparedness, and several others."

It's very clear. When George Bush moved into the White House, he didn't care about terrorism.

And George Bush doesn't care about you.


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