Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I keep telling you...

...that a premium subscription to Salon is a worthy investment, and today's interview with John Dean is just one more piece of evidence that I'm right.

Back in Watergate days (ahh, nostalgia!), Dick Gregory had a line in his act along the lines of "I don't know if John Dean's telling the truth, but if he ain't, he sure do lie pretty!"

Turns out John Dean was telling the truth all along, of course, and he still is. Here's just a taste of the truth he told Salon.

" every area one looks, Bush and Cheney are more secretive than Nixon ever imagined being."

"There has never been a vice president -- ever (and even including Spiro Agnew who was Nixon's) -- who needed to be investigated more than Cheney."

"Cheney knows how to play Bush so that Cheney is absolutely no threat to him, makes him feel he is president, but Bush can't function without a script, or without Cheney. Bush is head of state; Cheney is head of government."

"Decisions in the Bush White House are made not based on what is best for the public interest, rather what will get the president the most mileage with his base, and best political advantage."

"Colson, on the other hand, was as nasty a political operative as could be found...Karl Rove, from what I've seen, makes Colson look like a novice."

"No one died because of the abuses of power known as Watergate. Too many have died (and more in the future may) because of the abuses of power by this presidency. That's why their abuses are worse than Watergate."

Buy a sub or sit through the ad, but don't miss the whole thing.


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