Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I guess it's not a flip-flop...

...if you just lie about what you said before.

While John Kerry gets accused of such sinister mind crimes as having second thoughts, or changing his views when new evidence is revealed, or even recognizing that there may be more than one side to some issues, George Bush isn't troubled by that kind of petty nuance.

Citing a piece in The Economist, Political Wire explains it all for you.

"This debate over image and inconsistency tells you something profound about the candidates. When Mr Bush reverses himself (in abandoning his promise to run a 'humble' foreign policy, for instance) he does so boldly, almost spectacularly. There is no attempt to explain the shift. One set of principles succeeds another, as if the earlier views never existed."

In other words, if you ignore the truth, it will just go away. Helluva principle for governance, huh?


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