Sunday, March 28, 2004

Credibility Gap

The Progress Report seems to have doubts about Condie Rice...

"National Security Adviser Condi Rice lied in 2002, saying there was no information about terrorists using planes as missiles. In early 2004, she admitted to the 9/11 Commission her statement was inaccurate. Yet, this week, she said the same lie again in a WP op-ed."

"Rice this week said the Administration had formulated a National Security Policy Directive (NSPD) before 9/11 "that called for military options to attack al Qaeda and Taliban leadership." But according to the 9/11 Commission, "There is nothing in the NSPD that came out that we could find that had an invasion plan, a military plan." Bush Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage was asked whether Rice's assertions were true, and responded, "No.""

"Rice claimed this week that "No al Qaeda plan was turned over to the new administration." But the 9/11 Commission reported, "On January 25th, 2001, Richard Clarke forwarded his December 2000 strategy paper and a copy of his 1998 Delenda plan to the new national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice.""

Three separate items reported in one single day...just another one of those things that make you go hmmmm...

And that Google search? The hit count is up to 5200.


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