Saturday, November 29, 2003

Hey, Thanks!

Since I started tracking hits around here through Sitemeter a month ago, there have been 405 visits to Upper Left. The blog was around for a couple days before that, but I think I was the only one looking at the time.

Anyway, 405 isn't much compared to the blogging big leaguers, but it's a start that I'm kind of proud of, and I really appreciate everybody who's dropped by, and especially those of you who keep coming back or who leave a comment while you're here.

I've got some planned improvements - I'm still figuring this out myself - and if anybody ever tosses a few bucks at that PayPal link to your right, I'll start by dumping the Blogger banner ads at the top of the page, but mostly I'd just like to build up the traffic here.

If you've got a place to post a link, or a friend or two who might enjoy a pointer to these pages, I'd appreciate the help every bit as much as I appreciate you being here in the first place - which is a whole lot!

Thanks again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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