Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Bulletin...Bulletin...Bulletin...Pigs Fly!

Oops. I mean William Saletan has words of praise for John Kerry in his Slate column. If that seems as unlikely as winged swine to you, you're not alone. Words like this have been the source of shocked all across the Kerryscape...

"Last week, I made fun of Kerry's campaign shakeup and his promises of a new theme. Saturday night, he unveiled that theme, and you know what? It's terrific.

This is what Kerry's message should be, because it's who he is. He's the guy to whom battlefield bloodshed is real and foreign policy isn't a foreign language. It's what distinguishes him—now that Wes Clark has bowed out—from every other contender in Iowa. Kerry isn't pretending to be the guy who makes your heart race. He's saying, go ahead and have your fling, but when it's time to marry, you know who to count on."

Sounds like the new stump speech as a real shot as a momentum-turner.


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