Friday, August 06, 2004

You gotta serve somebody...

...and, sad but true, in politics, sometimes the choice is between serving the truth or your banker.

For instance...
Duncan Hunter, the GOP Chairman of the House Armed Services was the single biggest player in squashing the Abu Ghraib investigations in the House. Now he aims to do the same with the 9/11 Commission's recommendations:

"It makes sense that you shouldn't have that intelligence stopped or impeded by some guy back in Washington, D.C., who says, 'I want to use that platform for something else,' " Hunter said. "We are not going to be steamrollered in the Armed Services Committee."

Hunter's comments were the first opposition from a chairman of a congressional oversight committee to the sweeping reform recommendations made by the Sept. 11 commission in its final report last month. The Senate and House armed services committees would have jurisdiction over major portions of reform legislation.

Commission members had predicted there would be resistance from the Defense Department and the committees that oversee it, because the military stands to lose control over billions of dollars in intelligence spending, as well as control over satellites and other espionage equipment and resources.

Duncan Hunter's top contributor?

1 Titan Corp $18,000

Thanks to Jesse Lee at The Stakeholder for the catch, and if you haven't had a chance, do drop by and check out their remodel and some more on Rep. Hunter's bankbook (looking good, D-Trip!).


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