Tuesday, February 22, 2005


We've all seen the ads the Swifties' ad people trying to smear the AARP. Steve Gillard has the reasons why it won't work.

This is of a magnitude level of stupidity that it is simply astounding. Gay marriage? Anti-troops? Are they kidding?

What the cretins at USA Next don't get is that AARP isn't a campaign. They aren't an adhoc organization which comes together and falls apart in 18 months. They are here today, and will be here tomorrow, with a mailing list in the tens of millions. If this becomes about the survival of the organization, this fight could get much nastier than these folks can imagine. By suggesting that the organazation of widows and veterans can be slandered like a man, well, it's a campaign born of arrogance. They aren't called a powerhouse for no reason.
...Steve Soto has a strategy.


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